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2022-09-28 08:11
Ever since I began reading these Novels, I've loved Othinus and would love to dress like her!!

CosplayFu ( 09-28 20:41

Hello, sorry, because the jumpsuit is too difficult, the tailor cannot make it. But we can make the hat and cape.

2022-09-26 12:16
Can you make this costume? Thank u!

CosplayFu ( 09-26 20:47

2022-09-23 16:33

I'm looking for a jacket like the one shown in the Edgerunners anime worn by David Martinez. It is a simple, but striking looking piece which would work well in a custom order. I would love to get a price and time estimate on an item like this.

Thank you!

CosplayFu ( 09-25 20:50

2022-09-16 03:06
Bonjour je voudrais savoir les composants de set tenus et le tissu utilisé ?

CosplayFu ( 09-18 20:51

Bonjour Lemonnier jocelyne, le costume réel est identique à la photo affichée. Si vous souhaitez modifier la couleur, le design ou le tissu, veuillez soumettre votre demande (avec le lien du produit et la demande) à notre Centre d’assistance et permettez à notre tailleur de voir ce qu’il peut faire pour vous.  n_n

Hello Lemonnier jocelyne, the actual costume is just same as the photo shown; if you'd like to change the color/design/material, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

2022-09-15 09:11
Bonjour serait-il possible de fair le cosplay de pyrobut

CosplayFu ( 09-15 20:53

2022-09-14 00:47
Could you do this costume?

CosplayFu ( 09-14 21:19

2022-09-12 16:25
Could you do this but without the Chains or Skull emblems?

CosplayFu ( 09-12 21:06

Hello, sorry, because the costume is too difficult, the tailor cannot make it.

2022-09-10 21:23
Can this be made?

CosplayFu ( 09-12 21:10

2022-09-06 08:51
Hello I was wondering if you could make this outfit it is the original doomslayer outfit from doom 1 and 2

CosplayFu ( 09-06 20:47

2022-09-05 11:02
Can you make this costume? :D

CosplayFu ( 09-05 20:42

Hello, sorry, because the costume is too difficult, the tailor cannot make it.

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